Alcohol and substance use: risk, development, and desistance during transitions to adulthood

Approval Date

16 Feb 2012

Principal Investigator(s)

Matt Hickman


University of Bristol


Structure. The research programme will be organised around four work-streams. In addressing transitions to adulthood, contextual effects and variation are important, so our first work-stream centres on these. The second addresses the balancing issue of individual genetic effects. Since experience of tertiary education is pivotal for many, has increased markedly for the relevant cohorts, and is under-researched, the third stream looks specifically at this. Cross-national contextualisation is important, both to inform policy intervention and understanding of processes, so work-stream four deploys the team’s expertise to provide this context. All four work-streams connect to issues of methodological development, and of implementation of prevention, and two final, cross-cutting themes, consolidate these issues.

1. Trajectories and outcomes of alcohol and substance use in the transition to adulthood.

2. The impact of genetic risk across different social contexts.

3. Substance use and the transition to third level education.

4. Regional and international comparisons of alcohol and substance use behaviours and risk pathways during the transition to adulthood.

Cross cutting theme 1: methodological development.

Cross-cutting theme 2: Effective prevention.






Alcohol, Illicit Drugs

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